Viticulture on the Moselle

As a strong family team, we put a lot of love and time into our wine. This goes so far that we give special wines our names. This makes them just as distinctive and independent as we are.

The winegrowing map from 1868 shows the river section of the Middle Moselle - from Trier to Reil. Even then, the important vineyards were recorded and documented. The many meanders and loops of the Moselle can also be seen very clearly. Originally, the Romans introduced viticulture to the Moselle and used the river as a transport route for the wine produced here. Today, the central part of the Moselle is the largest wine-growing area of the Moselle in terms of area, with around 6,000 ha of vineyards.

In the vineyard

Maring-Noviander Sonnenuhr

The elongated Maringer Sonnenuhr vineyard borders directly on the tranquil village of Maring, which lies in a side valley of the Moselle near Bernkastel-Kues. The slope rises from the Moselle's valley of origin to a height of 130-220 metres above sea level, with a slope gradient of 50-60%. The Maringer Sonnenuhr is in a south-west facing vineyard location and has a mineral slate soil. Optimal conditions for excellent Rieslings.

In the vineyard

Maring-Noviander Honigberg

The Maringer Honigberg vineyard opens up like a fan-shaped open-air stage towards Maring. Starting out rather flat, the individual vineyard parcels gradually climb up the slope and are bordered by forests at the top. Our Rieslings enjoy a particularly long growing season with late ripening and the resulting individual play of aromas and complexity. The terrior guarantees an optimal supply of nutrients and minerals. Our popular varieties Riesling, Pinot Noir, Kerner and Pinot Blanc grow here.

The Moselle rises in France, crosses Luxembourg and flows into the Rhine in Koblenz. Within Germany, the length is approx. 231 km.

Of the total area of the two vineyards, our vineyard in the Maringer Honigberg is approx. 3 ha and in the Sonnenuhr approx. 1 ha, distributed over individual plots. Our wine and holiday resort Maring-Noviand in the romantic Lieser Valley is surrounded by vineyards, forests and meadows.

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